Kingdom Purpose 
"Teach One Reach One Inc. Private School "

   "A Safe Haven For Our Youth"

Scholarships now available . At Kingdom Purpose, we are focused on providing and assuring a safe, fun, friendly, educational , loving environment for our youth. We are committed to assisting each of our children with everyday life events. We strive to keep an open door policy for our youth, offering the highest level of customer satisfaction, during all discussions. Our goals are to keep our children excited, to be in our school , We also offer course in our after school program that teaches prevention , safety and life lessons . This program is strictly voluntary much like our three P.E lessons that are taught in class but a little more in rigorous . This is a six month program and students are given a test at the end of that time if they receive a passing score of 85% or more they meaning the student will graduate full cap and gown and a small shopping spree in our new clothing closet . We also have a onsite clothing closet and food pantry this is not just for our students and family this service is for anyone in need of theses services. Our goals are to provide clothing, food, hygiene products, and other items as needed. We are a ANTI-BULLYING facility (in order to assure, that our children has the best experience, while in our care we ask for full parent participation ). We are a faith based school , Again we teach on the Three P.E Prayer , Protection Prevention & Education in all that we do ensuring to success of our youth for generations to come.