Kingdom Purpose 
"Teach One Reach One Inc "

   "A Safe Haven For Our Youth"

Our purpose our passion !

Our Prayer:

Lord guide us, in your way and lighten our pathways. Teach us, as you would have us, to teach one another. Bless Our School, Staff, and Children.

~ Amen

At Kingdom Purpose, we strive towards perfection.  We are here to mold, shape, and create Kings and Queens. 

Our Mission Statement:

Here at Kingdom Purpose ,

our mission is to improve the quality of life, for our youth.  We strive to protect, respect, educate,teach,motivate and lead. We are dream pushers and planners. Our mission is to offer a safe haven for our youth and instill The Three P.E. philosophy  Prayer , Protection , Prevention and Education . We pray that through our  and private school program we can strengthen our communities one child at a time , by helping to achieve their goals and dreams. Together let's spark a nation of change for generations to come .