Kingdom Purpose 
"Teach One Reach One Inc "

   "A Safe Haven For Our Youth"

Three P.E Philosophy and Pledge 

We stand on Prayer , Protection , Prevention & Education and we at  Kingdom Purpose Teach One Reach One Inc. A Pledge was made that Because the Lord is at my right hand i will place my right hand on my heart and pledge a promise that i will always pray , protect , educate , motivate and dedicate our lives  life and all that is right  to the children that we serve . Teaching them respect , dignity , obedience and to always honor the Lord in all that they do . We will never discriminate and it will never be tolerated among the staff of Kingdom Purpose or anyone that crosses our threshold. God is Love and that who we are . God Bless !    

  • Abuse - knowing the signs...  
  • Hygiene - the importance of appearance...
  • Peer Pressure - leadership importance
  • Rape - No Means No... It's not your fault 
  • Suicide - A cry for HELP!!! Let us help you 
  • Obedience - Respect is the key to life and is due to everyone and everything
  • BULLYING  -Sticks and Stones does break bones and WORDS hurt even the more...
  • Cyber- Bullying is the the same as any other form of Bullying these are just some the things we teach .  
  • We also offer Resource and Referral to Parents  
  • A onsite Clothing Closet & Food Pantry 

Also Remember we accept Donations like clothing , food and your time as a volunteer financial funding is well needed , Check out our Go Fund Me Page . Thank you for all of your support and blessings.